"Mills Textiles have been supplying the travel sector since 1985.  In 2005 we had our first major 'direct supply' account (our customer trading directly with our factory in China).  

For several years an increasing number of customers have asked Mills Textiles to supply them with a wider portfolio of products in addition to our core textile items.  We questioned how to do this without diluting our specialist textile supply reputation ?  The solution - we cemented our partnership with InflightDirect, the leading supplier of IFE & amenity items.

Mills Textiles & InflightDirect share a very similar supply model that offers direct pricing from long standing & joint venture factories & by co-working we can offer our customers the chance to discuss a wider portfolio of products in one place - whilst still keeping the specialist product knowledge that is often lost when cost becomes the key driver."

The vision forwards....

"In addition to nurturing the development of our existing business model, we are committed to growth through organic development - primarily achieved through the extension of new & existing trade links with partners we feel can enhance & add to our groups current product offering. Flexibility is the key to our success. Some customers request a higher service or supply chain level than others. We make suggestions for efficiencies where we see them, but we do not lead a customer to be supplied in the exact same way or with same product as another just because it might be easier for us. Of course, in these tough economic times our customers appreciate our very competitive pricing, but it's really great to still hear a customer say to you 'wow, I didn't realise I had so many options available to me' . We have a saying that being low cost doesn't have to mean low service ! 

I see a very exciting future for our customers."

Tim Morris (Head Global Operations)